21 Mar 2016

World Communication Forum in Davos - a global melting pot of bold ideas, trends and cultures

The annual World Communication Forum in Davos, or #WCFDavos, that took place on 8-9 March, 2016, once again united top PR & communications' executives from all around the world and engaged thousands on social media to discuss the Global Communications' Agenda for 2016.
On March 8th 2016, the International Women's Day (such a special day!), I had the honour to moderate the panel entitled "PR Associations: the future of the profession". In the round-table, global PR gurus: Yogesh Joshi (President of ABCI, India), Stanislav Naumov (President of RPRA, Russia), Maxim Behar (President of ICCO, Bulgaria) and Andrea Corneli (President of PR-Hub, Italy), whom discussed the future of PR profession and how Associations will play a key role in the process.
The event held annually in the Davos Congress Centre, Switzerland, is a global meeting point for like-minded PR & Communications leaders that believe our profession is not a service, but a mission.
Once again, the Forum gathered bright PR & Communications professionals from all around the world, among around 150 top-level executives and Government officials, 34 nations were represented. On top of that, other couple of millions profiles were reached via Twitter and Facebook in real-time using the hashtag #WCFDavos.
Welcoming new delegates from Nigeria, Armenia, Seychelles, Macedonia and China, the event was once again a global melting pot of inspiring ideas, trends to come and cultural diversity. WCFDavos is a trend-setter.
While networking and talking with fellow delegates in Davos, we all had the same idea about WCF Davos, inspiration. Inspiration in a way that makes this event, one of the top priorities for professional update and personal development. The Swiss Alps are magical.
The idylic landscapes, the pure air and reunion of some of the global brightest minds in our field, make this event an annual source of inspiration. If you are within the field of PR & Communications, I advise you to start planning for your trip to Davos next year. This is a life experience. I absolutely recommend to anyone who wants to be ahead of the trends in the field of social communications & global public relations, and develop oneself as a human being. As Amyr Klink says: "One must know the warm to valorise the cold. One must know the cold to valorise the warm". 
Shortly, I will be posting "WCFDavos 2016 - Top 5 Learnings", where I will list the Top 5 lessons I brought home from the 7th World Communication Forum. Meanwhile, I invite you to check the hashtag on Twitter and Facebook of the event #WCFDavos and the Forum's webpage www.forumdavos.com for more information.
Special thanks to the rockstar lensman Alexander Mitev a.k.a. Alex, The Documenter, for the amazing photos. Check his website www.alexstudio.bg.
Have a great week, everyone!
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* This was originally published on LinkedIn Pulse - https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/world-communication-forum-davos-global-melting-pot-flavio?trk=prof-post.


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