4 Mar 2014

World Communication Forum @ Davos, 11-12 March 2014 - 5th Jubillee Edition

The World Communication Forum (#WCFDavos) - www.forumdavos.com - which is celebrating its 5th Jubillee Edition is coming with all engines on to discuss the most innovative ideas, strategies and best practices of the global communications' industry.
The beautiful city of Davos, Switzerland
#WCFDavos 2014 will have an incredible agenda with experiences being shared by owners & partners of PR consultancies, top-level executives, associations' representatives and creative minds coming from all the corners of the world. 

For instance, will be present at the Forum, the father of the first smiley emoticon, the living legend Scott Elliott Fahlman, computer science expert from Carngie Mellon University, who will give a special keynote speech.

For the first time, PR Consultancies, Corporate Communications Officers and Presidents of Professionals Associations will openly discuss their expectations and requirements related to their own and each of the other two groups’ market niche.

A global media research made by Public.ru with the assistance of RIA Novosti will be presented as well. The research provides data on the frequency of media-mentions of 160 countries. 

A sneak preview of the media research results
that will presented during the #WCFDavos 2014
The complete results will be displayed at the forum where each participant will be able to locate their country on the global communication map.

Paul Holmes, PR guru, CEO & Founder of The Holmes Report and the SABRE Awards - www.holmesreport.com - one of the first supporters of the #WCFDavos will be present in the Jubillee edition and will participate in panel discussions about the future of the Public Relations.

Isaac Mao, Co-Founder and Director of the Social Brain Foundation, one of the notable voices in the online freedom of speech in China. He will share valuable insights about the new doutrine that is fastly gaining recognition as an influent theory in the new communication world - the Sharism Philosophy.

Andre Manning, Global VP of Corportare Communications at Royal Philips Electronics will share his successful professional story in a strictly closed session with a stay-SM-silent warning.

In the end of the first day of the Forum, the C4F Davos Awards will celebrate the most innovative and outstanding communicators for their creative approach and up-front vision of communications - during the Annual Gala Dinner at Morosani Restaurant, Davos Platz, where the Annual Excellence Awards takes place presented in six categories. C4F Davos Awards: www.forumdavos.com/awards.

C4F Davos Awards - celebrating the outstanding minds
within the global communications' industry
Speakers' lineup of WCFDavos 2014 includes communications' experts from top organisations, such as: Philips, Hill+Knowlton Strategies, Ogylvy, Weber Shandwick, Siemens AG, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), CERN, International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO), Public Relations Institute of Australia, Mexican Communication & Marketing Industry Confederation, Public Relations Institute of Southern Africa and many more.

#WCFDavos Social Media Profiles 

#WCFDavos is not only one of the best places to learn the most advanced and contemporain strategies & practices in the world of public relations but also a place to meet good friends that is becoming a tradition to be reunited once per year in the astonishing landscapes of the Swiss Alps.

Good friends reunion in the stunning Swiss Alps

I am proudly part of the #WCFDavos staff as PR/Media Relations Manager & Regional Representative for Brazil. I will also be moderating the Pharma Panel supported by Gedeon Ritcher Plc. - www.richter.hu/EN - on the 12th March 2014, second day of the event - please check the programme for more information about it - http://www.forumdavos.com/people/135/Flavio+Oliveira.

#WCFDavos will be celebrating its Jubillee 5th Edition and promises to be a memorable event. It will take place on Davos Congress Centre, the world renowed spot where the World Economic Forum takes place annually only a few weeks before the WCF. We are looking forward to welcoming the global communications' elite and share knowledge that will certainly boost the development of the industry worldwide.

If you cannot join us this year but is interested in following the amazing discussions that will take place in one week time, you may watch the #WCFDavos from anywhere in the world with a reasonable good internet connection through the live streaming. Keep an eye on #WCFDavos social media channels and on mine's listed below.

My Social Media Profiles

For detailed information on the forum’s agenda, please visit www.forumdavos.com/programme.

#WCFDavos 2014 partners: www.forumdavos.com/partners/2014

For details on registration: http://www.forumdavos.com/registration

You may also contact me through my social media profiles for any information or query about the #WCFDavos. It will be my pleasure to help you! 

~and keep on smiling :-)


  1. Amazing perspectives, Flavio! Very much looking forward to be there! :)

    1. Thank you very much for your feedback, Ariane!!! I am also very eager to meet you in Davos in the coming days - and keep on smiling :-)