12 Feb 2014

From 35 C to -5 C degrees in 23 hours

My dear readers, once again I apologise for taking so long to post a new publication. My travel to Brazil was very intense and in the last few weeks as imagined I just could not do another thing except enjoy my beloved ones and the warm Sea waters of João Pessoa's beaches reaching nearly 30 C degrees in very Sunny days - outside the water, temperatures went as high as 39 C degrees, that is warm!

Sunset at White Cape Beach - João Pessoa, Paraiba, Brazil

From Brazilian warm, colourful and vibrant Summer I got in a plane to Lisbon which was a bit lower around 11 C degrees but not as low as Amsterdam that was around 0 C degrees. When I got off the train in Groningen, North of the Netherlands Kingdom, where I happily have been living for the last year, I was surprised by a foggy -2 C degrees just 23 hours after leaving my beloved parents' home - the fastest trip ever for this route due to flights on time and etc. 

Three days after the previous photo was taken, on the other side of the Atlantic,
at Hanze UAS - Groningen, the Netherlands

However, one thing does surprise me a lot here in the Netherlands. I found it very nice when even in this Winter time when mostly people are trying to get to a closed warm place as soon as they can while in the streets, here in Groningen is not quite like that. 

Many times I am surprised by anonymous smiles, lifting me up, reminding me that there is still hope and love just around the corner. In fact, kindness and smiles are contagious, they are just awaiting for a gentle smile back to keep the ethernal circle of kindness. I am glad to be back to Groningen. Although it is Winter and most of the days the colours are a variant of grey, usually Dutch people succeed in making the days more colourful with a lot of respect for each other, true smiles and real colours in their clothes.

Developing new activities and re approaching the Academia is one of my goals for 2014. I have been studying Communication at University level since 2001 and I intend to continue to do so directly or indirectly. I love the Universe of knowledge and the sharing environment existent in Academic institutions, therefore I want to be close to it again, this time by working with it. 
MIC graduation - Class of 2013
Martiniplaza - Groningen, the Netherlands
Coming back to Groningen was filled with good news. I have recently been indicated as Consortium Representive at the Geert Hofstede Consortium (GHC), which is a collective of four European Universities offering the same Master in International Communication, which I will be in charge for promoting & representing it within Brazilian territory and in other regions around the world.

GHC and WCF? These two, I share, like and comment!

Coming together with the Consortium activities, I have been dedicating many of my hours to the World Communication Forum (WCF) - www.forumdavos.com - where I am responsible for PR/Media Relations with Brazilian media outlets and also regionally represent the Forum, one of the most proeminent events in the global communications' industry.

If you have interest in following the highly interesting - and many times intriguing - discussions that will take place in Davos, Switzerland, in a couple of weeks, stay tuned on this blog, on my Twitter account - https://twitter.com/FlaviOliveiraBR - and on my Facebook Fanpage - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Flavio-Oliveira/298686716821254.

I will be tweeting, posting, blogging and sharing on venue from Davos next month. Expect to read about the inspiring ideas on the many areas of communication that will be under discussion among top-level executives, owning & partners of PR consultancies, in-house experts and associations' directors coming from all around the world. It will be live streamed and I should be announcing soon more information about it.

Thank you for your attention and have a lovely mid-week!

~ keep on smiling :-)

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