24 Apr 2018

World Communication Forum - WCF Geneva 2018: Official Press Conference Brought Global Experts To Discuss The Power Of Country Branding - Hosted by the Turkish Promotion Group

Once again, the global communications' elite gathered in Switzerland, in mid-March, for the World Communication Forum - WCF Geneva 2018. This time, in the beautiful city of Geneva.

Experts from 30+ countries discussed the current scenario and future of the merging industries of marketing, communication, digital, social and design. During 2 days, many themes of high pertinence were discussed and high-level participants had diverse networking opportunities.

During the WCF Geneva 2018, it was held a press conference combined with a panel discussion on "The Power of Country Branding", hosted by the WCF Geneva powered by the Turkish Promotion Group.

Panel Discussion during the official WCF 2018 press conference attracted experts from 4 continents
In the stage, representatives from India, Turkey, South Africa and Switzerland discussed the impact the marketing and communications initiatives have in the promotion of countries as a destination not only for tourism but for business, science, social development and more.

One of the key presentations of the event was done by the Turkey Promotion Group (TGP), founded by the legislation of Turkey Ministry of Economy within the body of Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) in 2018. Its vision is to establish and promote “Turkey, Discover the Potential” brand, globally.

Its mission is to highlight the economic potential of Turkey, introduce Turkey and its sectors and present exports' success of Turkish goods on a global level. More Information can be found at http://www.turkeydiscoverthepotential.com/.

Solly Moeng, Global Country Branding Expert, in the panel discussion

Panel Discussion and Press Conference

The TPG hosted a panel discussion entitled ‘The Power of Country Communication,’ that discussed how Turkey, Discover the Potential brand, has successfully transformed itself into a global recognised brand.

All the presentation on Country Branding from Turkey, India, South Africa and Switzerland, can be found online, free to download at:


Sean Gardner, global social media celibrity - 1 million followers on Twitter, enquires about Turkish Promotion

The ‘Power of Country Branding’ press conference was held after the panel discussion, and was attended by TPG Executive Director Yasemin Güzeloğlu, WCF Board Members, the Director at the Istanbul University, Prof. Dr. Ali Murat Vural, local and international media.

The brand idea of Turkey is based on the concept "Masters of Change", with Brand Values standing as "Long-term Vision; Courage; Entrepreneuriaslism and Adaptability". The slogan is "Discover the potential".

Many countries were represented in the event. In this photo, Brazil, Switzerland and the Netherlands (from left to right)
It was very interesting to see how so many details were considered to build a strong brand for "Turkey", positioning it as powerful G20 nation, with strong ancient cultural roots and developed exporting economy.

Even the logo went the extra mile and used motifs with very specific meaning, made up of 8 key tradiotional motifs. Each motif represent a different value of the rising Turkey.

Turkey brand (see details of the letters as mentioned above) - Discover the potential
In a nutshell, nations around the world are working hard to design campaigns that can translate all the achievements and potentials a country has, so other nations, communities and individuals can access more information, travel, exchange and do more business. Marketing, Branding and Communications will play a key role in the years to come to make countries stand up and have a powerful globally recognised country-brand.

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