28 Jan 2017

The history and story of a global community: World Communication Forum Association launches its first book

I have always loved Science. Then, I discovered that Communication was another huge passion which my DNA was craving to develop, around the age of 15, when I started to promote parties and get involved in all sorts of events in my hometown.
Then, with the strong support & stimulus of my beloved parents, I studied foreign languages, travelled abroad and followed my dream of studying Social Communication.
Years later, I would be joining an amazing community of global communication professionals from all around the world at the World Communication Forum, held annually in Switzerland.
Each year, we discuss the trends to come within the Communication & PR industry worldwide. Each year that passes by, we see those trends becoming reality. This is our story.
For the first time, in 15 years involved in the scientific study & practice of Social Communication, I am a co-author of a book.What an honour! Spasibo!
Thank you so much, dear @Yanina Dubeykovskaya and  Communication on Top - Davos for the opportunity and magical cooperation over the last 6 years.

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