13 Feb 2016

Women Empowerment: Nurul Ashiqin Shamsuri, a global business leader with a flair for fashion

Miss Nurul

Nurul Ashiqin Shamsuri, Regional Forum Director, World Communication Forum Kuala Lumpur Edition. Save that name. This remarkable woman is leading the Kuala Lumpur edition of the World Communication Forum - #WCFDavos, among another dozen of other business and academic projects. On top of that, she still finds time to have a busy social agenda.

Kuala Lumpur by night
Charm and elegance are visible at first glance when you encounter Miss Nurul. With a flair for fashion and an extreme elevated good taste, it is impossible not to perceive her presence once she is in the same space as you are. But after a 5-10 minutes conversation with her you will be able to feel how intelligent this woman is, with a great sense of humour and a big heart.

I have known Maria for a few years now and we have the pleasure to meet every year in the Swiss Alps for the WCFDavos. I am happy that now I have the chance to share with you a few bits about her and to introduce to my peers one of the most remarkable women I know in the world of global business. Directly from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Miss Nurul.

1)     Could you tell us about the positions you currently occupy at WANITA UMNO Malaysia, at UCSI University and at the World Communication Forum KL?

-        As a Program Director for Information and Communication Secretariat at Wanita UMNO Malaysia, I am responsible to organize various reach out programs to empower women and society in Malaysia.
-        As the Head of Program in the UCSI University, I am coordinating and managing Diploma of Management Studies, and conducting several researches project. Besides administrative work, I also teach both Law and Communication courses.
-        Lastly, as Regional Forum Director of WCFKL, I am leading a dynamic and passionate team of communicators, PR personnel, academics and communication enthusiasts to organise one of the biggest Communication Forums in the region.

2)     What is the perception the World Communication Forum have in Southeast Asia and how was the first edition of WCF in KL last year?

- World Communication Forum, Davos is seen as an esteemed and prestige Forum, which has become one of the major platforms to gather all the best communicators from all around the world. I am very proud to say that WCFKL Edition 2015 has been one of the most successful Communication Forum in Malaysia and South East Asia with attendees from more than 15 countries and coverage on more than 50 media from APAC Region.

Local Malaysia newspaper about #WCFKL

3)     Why do you think the World Communication Forum is an important platform for business communicators? Are the regional forums an integral part of it? Are the regional events as important as the main one held in Davos? Why?

- The World Communication Forum is a crucial platform for business communicators. During this forum, a major exchange of ideas, experiences and network opportunity is happening. The Regional editions of the Forum are also an important part of the whole umbrella of WCF Davos because during the Regional editions of the Forum, issues that are related to the particular region of the event, will be under the highlights. If you want to understand more on what PR is about or Business Communications trends in Malaysia and South East Asia, you definitely have to attend WCFKL 2016.

Miss Nurul

4) What do you think are the top 3 factors to consider in political communications?
    •  What is your agenda setting?
    •  Who is your constituency?
    •  What are the sentiments on the grassroots?

5) What would you recommend for politicians starting a communication campaign to be successful?

I would recommend a few small things:
  • Keep your message honest and snackable. People have the attention span of 7 seconds nowadays with information bombardment. Keep your message as short and as honest as possible.

  • Always on the attack. People will believe almost anything they see on social media, so perception is everything. Being on the defensive will not put you on a favourable position in the eyes of public opinion.

  • Monitor your social media very, very closely.

6) What do you think is more important in political communications – experience or talent?
- The combination of both. But experience politicians will always have the upper hands.

7) If you were to resume PR in 3 words, which it would be?
            - Integrity, Strategy, and Quick-Thinking

8) You have been coming to the World Communication Forum for many years now. Could you please share with us why you cross half of the world to get to the Swiss Alps once per year? What happens there that cannot be missed?

- I have attended World Communication Forum for 4 years since 2012 and this year it will be my fifth year. The WCF Davos is an event not to be missed as it is the melting pot of global communications' trends. Everything in discussion, will be happening. 

Davos Platz

From CEOs, Business Owners, Ministers, Politicians, PR executives, Academics, and Communications' enthusiasts will gather and discuss on what are the latest trends and predictions of what will be the next big thing on the communications' world. 

Vast networking opportunity is also something cannot be missed as well. I have made some of the best friends ever, during this Forum. J


Miss Nurul will be speaking at the 7th World Communication Forum, taking place on 8-9 March 2016 in Davos, Switzerland. Come with us in a journey into the hottest trends on Global PR & Communications. More information about the programme and entries, please visit www.forumdavos.com.

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