17 Nov 2014

Interviews with top PR professionals from around the globe

I am preparing a series of interviews with top PR professionals from all around the world.

The list will include very important communication personalities, which have contributed to shaping the form of our profession in the regions they actuate. To name a few: Kim Kyong-hae (Communications Korea, Korea), Solly Moeng (Don Valley, South Africa), Sharad Agarwal (Cyber Gear, UAE) and Maxim Behar (M3, Bulgaria). will be among the first profiles to highlight.

These interviews will provide insightful ideas on how the Public Relations activity exist in those many different countries/regions and how PR is perceived by those experienced professionals considering its co-existence with other communication areas.

I do believe the series of interviews I am working on will result in a good & useful sort of world map of PR, providing deep awareness on how the profession may be seen differently and may function in a distinct way accordingly to the region it operates and to the existent cultural background where the PR & Communications efforts are undertaken.

In a few days I will be posting the first interview which I assure you will be very interesting to read.

Many thanks for your attention and keep an eye for what is about to come!!

~  and keep on smiling :-)

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  1. Will recommend this to my students who study PR at Univ of Westminster.